Saturday, January 10, 2009

Stick With It! (pre-Sunday story version)

It's story time!
Sarah M. Sent me my first artistic job. I was conscripted to create the artwork for her tale.
I happily illustrated away, and now for your enjoyment here is the story!
There once was a boy named Ben.
He was very skinny.
One Christmas, he went to visit his grandparents.
They put out an amazing meal with almost every food you could imagine.
When he weighed himself that night, he was astonished!
His weight had nearly doubled.

He looked in the mirror. He definitely wasn’t the skinny little man he used to be.

His size now exceeded any he had ever known.

Without any exercise, Ben grew to an even more extraordinary bulk.
The 5-hour drive home only increased the fatness, due to Christmas goodies that had been given to him.

One day, Ben discovered fast food.

He organized a diet for himself, as he thought his eating might be getting a little out of control.
He thought 300 burgers a day from Burger King might be a good plan.

Although Ben liked burgers, he thought this might be a little much. But he tried it anyway.

But there was still a problem. He couldn’t find any clothes that fit.

After trying out several plus size stores and not finding any sizes over 5XL, Ben knew he would have to try something different.

Then one day, he saw 3 street people standing under a bridge. Their names were Arnold Bill, Harold Bill, and Edna Bill. They looked really hungry.

His sympathetic side thought, "Oh my, I don't think they have anything to eat".

So Ben decided to cut down a little and every day give a half of a burger to these 3 street people.

He changed his daily meal to 299 1/2 burgers.

Ben felt really good about his decision.
He knew he was starting to gain control over himself again.
He thought he was living in bliss.

But … his life was about to change for the worst.

One day while he was sitting in Burger King, eating his 76th burger for the day, he started feeling a little bit pale. He had to put down his burger.
This was an amazing feat.
The Burger King employees were absolutely astounded.

And that was the last of Ben. Poor Ben.
This notice, along with a picture, was found in the paper the very next morning.

Benjamin Tillotson died of a sudden heart attack at 9:35 pm, January 6, 2009. Burger King Employees noticed that he had stopped eating and notified police of abnormal behavior. Tillotson was rushed to the Emergency Room, but doctors were unable to revive him. Burger King officials say that this will down the business and they will have to lay off over 300 employees. "There was nothing we could do", President Robinson says. "This is devastating news to the fast food companies not only here, but across the whole country." However, due to cracked sidewalks, meat shortage, and other losses, city officials say this might actually be a good thing.

Surviving family members are Parents: Keith and Roxanne Tillotson. Siblings: Vanessa Tillotson, Michael Tillotson, Kristin Tillotson, John Tillotson, and Heidi Tillotson.

Story © SLM 2009


David said...

Cheers!!!! Good one. LOL!

Edna Bill (Eliza) & Co. said...

AWESOME!!! "Round Of Applause." The story was very nicely written;) We love the pictures!!!! LOL

Harold Bill (Heidi) said...

GREAT job!!!!! Although 1/2 of a burger was not enough to go around. :)

Keith Tillotson said...

HAHA! very nicely done. that was a very generous thing to do for those poor people.

Mr. Worm said...

LOL! That must have taken a while to draw that all :-) Good job!

BTW, your mirror was awesome!

Edna Bill (Eliza) said...

You said it Harold Bill...1/2 of a burger was not enough!!!!LOL

Kristin said...

So there is another Keith Tillotson in this world... the above comment is certainly not my dads! :)

Anyhow- great story and illustrations! Poor Ben. He will be missed by all... especially by those so well-fed by his benevolant 1/2 a burger every day. Poor things...