Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Please go here for a full definition of "Sniglets"

Well, I figured that I have mastered all the words that are available to me, so I decided to make some new ones up.

Flosflingue (Floss' fling goo) - n. : The piece of junk that was between your teeth that goes flying after you dislodge it with a piece of floss.

Aquagarbubble (Aqua' Gar bubble) - v. "the act of speaking underwater"

Cumble (Come' bull) - v. "The act of trying to catch a cup that has slipped out of your fingers, but after about four times of almost catching it, it drops and shatters on the floor"

Warnsmakulation (Warn Smack' you lay shun) - n. "the event when a person doesn't read the warning label on a piece of equipment, breaks it or themselves, and then smacks their head with their hand"

Blop (blŏp) - v "The act of flopping down in a chair after a long day of work"

Undudish (Un dude' ish) - v "An act that is despicable in the sight of one's peers"

Yeliwhack (Yell ei whack') v- "The act of yelling loudly before striking something in hopes that it will increase the power of the hit"

Forescore (Four score') - n. "The warning given just before someone begins reciting historical facts"

Uhhuhok (Uh huh' oh kay) - adv. "A very strong agreement; In a manner that does not take an objection"

Yeahalright (yea all' right) -adv. Informal. "Meaning much the same as uhhuhok, but with some resistance to the idea of following advice"

Glip (guh lip') - v. "The act of acting better than everyone by raising the eyebrows, sticking out the chin, and talking with a British accent."

Morphlipulation (Mor flip u lay sion) - n. "The act or practice of practicing to make one's self into a different shape as to trick your mother into believing that you are not still in bed."

There are tons more online, but they are easy to make.
Just think of something that you do everyday then think, "what should this really be called?"

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Up Front by Bill Mauldin

No, this wasn't the best book I've ever read, but I figured I'd do a post on it.
The language isn't very good, so don't expect an uplifting read if you happen upon it.

I found this book interesting because it takes a look at the frontlines of the battlefield through the eyes of a cartoonist. He goes around the battlefield and pretty much sums up each of his experiences in a cartoon or two. I found that these guys really had to deal with a lot more hardships than I could ever imagine. Fortunately the book doesn't really go into gory detail about the details of fighting, but it does go into the details about the accommodations, problems, and humor of everyday life on the front line. He really does a good job of making the reader feel like they are right there with him in the mud and the grime of battle. He illustrates very well what a treat a barn full of hay is, and he finishes with a sobering look about how real and awful war is.

"The day after the cartoon was printed a pleasant old colonel cam into the Stars and Stripes office. He was quite evidently a new arrival, for he didn't know I was seditious. He hadn't bothered to study the drawing, which had taken a crack at the rigid regulations with regard to soldierly conduct behind the lines. All the colonel knew was that when you weren't fighting you were supposed to have a military bearing. So he had a brilliant and highly original idea which he though certain to win him a promotion or the Legion of Merit. He wanted, to take the original drawing and have thousands of huge poster copies printed. he planned to plaster them on every wall and telephone in Italy, as an admonition to the GI's to "ack like sojers" I was in a spot. He really looked like a nice guy, and I didn't want him slaughtered like a lamb, when he would probably start drawing retirement pay in a couple of years. But surely I couldn't say, "Sir, that is a treacherous cartoon, made to cause riots and rebellion among soldiers, and it would be a mistake to make posters of it and aid and abet my cause." Instead, I gave him the drawing and, with brigadier's stars in his eyes, he headed for the door. "The general will love this," he said. I'm sure the general did."

"Religious services in battle zones offer weird contrast ot bursting shells and the twisted wreckage of war. It is strange to see reverence helmeted and armored."

"I'm a cartoonist, maybe I can be funny after the war, but nobody who has seen this war can be cute about it while it's going on."

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Stick With It!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Stick With It!

For some reason these seem to go together.

And below, Another GREAT donation from Sarah M. :)

Saturday, February 14, 2009


Well, it came today.. Fitting because the government is my valentine, and because it loves me it sends me money.

Actually, I'm lying, I get money because the government wants me to go to school, so they are paying the bill.. Only one problem.. My total school cost this semester was $1700 (including books). The government gave me a check for $2400+... That is a $700 difference AND guess what?!

I get to keep the money. I decide what to do with it.. Crazy eh? The really bad part is that the money that they give me is not dependant on: good grades, attendance, or even how many classes I take. In my view this is government waste. (I could be wrong though)

I'll save the full rant for a different day.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Somewhere in South Dakota

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Stick With It!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Stick With It!


The trouble with doing something every week is that you have to do something.
Fortunately for me a few nice people were kind enough to let me steal their work.

Obviously Sarah wasn't talking about me because I still have never drawn a line on goofing around.
Above Drawing By: Sarah M.

I must say that I was whistling this song while plowing on Monday.

Above Drawing By: Daniel L.

I think this was pretty accurate.
Above Drawing By: Daniel L.