Thursday, May 29, 2008


Well, I'm sure that I have all kinds of excuses why this took me so long,
but all I can say is sorry for the delay..

Apparently there is a much better and bulkier album that Matthew has put together, all with pictures from his camera, but because he was in the wedding party, the pictures were taken by many different people. (I know too much explanation)
These are the pictures from the entire trip, from day one to day eight.
All 296 of em.

I hope you enjoy!

Crazy Coloradans In Canada
People responsible for taking the pictures.
Daniel L.
Joe H.
Joe O.
And yours truly

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Overdue Post

Well, with the trip coming up, we have been a little bit busy.

Both Beth and I bought burdensome flash memory. Beth looks at it, and ponders, “I wonder how many picture I can fit on 8GB?”

Next I’ve been riding my motorcycle (Big Blundering Blue Ole’ Bertha) around a lot more, and I’m really liking the cost of fuel.

So much so, that I decided to ride up Lookout Mtn. for fun.

Next on the list of stuff was working on the van. This was not an easy task because it’s a Dodge.

More fun, was rebuilding the carburetor of Bertha. She got sick of me making her take me everywhere, and so she died. The Carbs however, didn’t want to be repaired and broke. I had to buy a new set at a junkyard.

Once the seat is off, all the guts are available to rip out.


Well, that’s it for now, so I’ll end with a really bad joke.

Q. Where is a pirates favorite place to eat?


Friday, May 2, 2008

For More Mayday Madness...

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Mayday, as seen by Mr. Nut. the nutcracker

Well, We woke around 2 am with a start! Our bin was suddenly lifted out of the garage, we were taken to the kitchen. We all knew this day would come, some hoped for it but for others, it was the most dreaded night of their lives.
We were lifted up, and something that was really sticky was placed on our feet, and we were then placed back into the bin. We were carried out to the car, and then placed in the back seat.
The journey wasn't long, and before we knew it we were being lifted out of the bin again. John and Sam were the first to go, we cried our "good bye's" wondering if we'd ever see them again. I watched as they were ruthlessly placed on posts of a gate, and left there, out in the cold. I could see their gaze grow cold, and their jaws drop when they realized that they were going to be left behind.

We rode a little further when Frank and Bill got snatched out. They screamed to us for help, but we could do little to help them. They were carried to the steps of a giant house then Bill was placed on a brick post by a light, as Frank was carried closer to the door. The rest of us sighed a sigh of relief knowing that we were safe a little longer, but we didn't have a clue what was going to happen to us.

The car started moving again. About twenty minutes later we stopped. All of us felt the knots in our throats when they lifted up the whole bin, and took us out of the car! Sal got dropped on the way out, and we heard him shrieking something about his legs coming off! Next went Jordan, then Darrel, then Joe, then Daniel, and then Sean! There were too many names to remember!

Finally, Vinnie and I were the only ones left, so I scrunched down in the corner hoping not to be taken, I figured I wouldn't be taken anyway, for I was missing an arm since the war. The hand came in, and scooped up Vinnie! He yelled to me, "Don't ever forget me!" I said "NEVER!", then he was gone. All alone in the bin, when suddenly the hand came in again, the warmth of the fingers clasping my leg was the last warmth I felt that night. I was placed on a fence post, and left for dead.

Will we ever find out what happened to Mr. Nut? Tune in next time! When "Adventures In mayday" continues.

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Well, it's all over, and I'm glad. WHEW! [sigh of relief]
The day started out pretty good, but then we realized it was mayday.
Here are some of the highlights of the day.

Beth and Joe prepare for the attack on the Johnson's.

After attacking the weavers, all the kids decided to come out and play in the cold without shoes.
Joe shows us how to ride a "wheelie"

The bikes look so fun, that each child takes a turn trying them out
Marcus explains to Steve that he exceeds the capacity for the bike, and should give the bike to him.

Ben hangs his head in defeat, while we laugh, because some of the Travers friends watched us deliver the goods.

Beth gives a demonstration of how to properly ride a bike

Download here

Attack on the Travers !

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Travers ATTACK!

Download here

Thursday, May 1, 2008

It's here. Be ye warned.