Friday, May 2, 2008


Well, it's all over, and I'm glad. WHEW! [sigh of relief]
The day started out pretty good, but then we realized it was mayday.
Here are some of the highlights of the day.

Beth and Joe prepare for the attack on the Johnson's.

After attacking the weavers, all the kids decided to come out and play in the cold without shoes.
Joe shows us how to ride a "wheelie"

The bikes look so fun, that each child takes a turn trying them out
Marcus explains to Steve that he exceeds the capacity for the bike, and should give the bike to him.

Ben hangs his head in defeat, while we laugh, because some of the Travers friends watched us deliver the goods.

Beth gives a demonstration of how to properly ride a bike

Download here

Attack on the Travers !

Download here

Travers ATTACK!

Download here


David said...

Wow! that was cool! LOL

Our stuff will be up soon.

Hey Mark and Peter, nice shirts! I got one just like that too!

Rebecca said...

Fun stuff! Although we had never heard of this "Mayday" thing you all do here until. . .well, yesterday! :)

BTW, those doughnuts were goooooooood. . .*smacks lips!*

Benjanerd said...

ROFL! I felt like a complete idiot... (Is that because I am one? NO! I just act like one.)

Abbey said...

I want to know what the people driving up Belleview thought... I thought we got a lot of stares with the robot...but you?

Attack Papoose said...

We didn't see a single person laugh. I don't even think I saw a smirk. :'-(
Maybe people riding down Belleview on 12 inch bicycles while wearing motorcycle helmets is a common thing?

Jack Bauer said...

HAHAHA those bikes where soooo much fun!!!!

Twas a fun day...can't wait until next year!!!!

Benjanerd said...

ROFL -- Nice demonstration of the bike, BTW, Beth!

Steven said...

Every year we say "NEVER AGAIN" and every year we do it.

Abbey said...

^I know the feeling. You know, you really don't have to decorate houses, put on a big show when you arrive with the May Day delivery, and show up several other times throughout the day. :P