Thursday, May 29, 2008


Well, I'm sure that I have all kinds of excuses why this took me so long,
but all I can say is sorry for the delay..

Apparently there is a much better and bulkier album that Matthew has put together, all with pictures from his camera, but because he was in the wedding party, the pictures were taken by many different people. (I know too much explanation)
These are the pictures from the entire trip, from day one to day eight.
All 296 of em.

I hope you enjoy!

Crazy Coloradans In Canada
People responsible for taking the pictures.
Daniel L.
Joe H.
Joe O.
And yours truly


Dumb Bro said...

GREAT pictures and captions, Steve!

Thanks for doing them even though it probably took... 4-8hrs? :D

Abbey said...

Man, lot 'o' pictures! I feel like I've seen the whole trip through the eyes of every photographer now...

Steven said...

Ben, yeah.. I should really forget about doing any more like this..
took way too long.

Abbey, yeah, you've seen the whole trip.. but without all the boring parts. If you would like to see the boring parts I have about 1700 more pictures.. (just let me know)