Thursday, June 5, 2008


Thanks to some nice friends we were able to go to Elitches.
I had almost forgotten how much fun it is to be jolted around and dizzified.

The first attraction for pictures.
For some reason most of the employees had some sort of black breathing device that they would also speak into.

Here, Ben, Beth, and Joe get ready to get very cold and wet. splash.
In her hypodermic state, Beth, begins to retell the story of "when it was warm"

Ben, also being hypodermic, retells the story of the time he went on shipwreck falls. Unbeknownst to him, the story he was recalling was of the last few minutes. After screaming "No" 50 times, everyone leaves Steve and rides the spider without him.

Steve, pictured here, is saddened upon realizing the error of his ways.

Upon crossing the yellow line, we were all promptly escorted out of the queue line and permanently removed from the park... Oh wait.. No we weren't, we got on the ride and rode.
Another employee with a breathing device. I didn't think anyone could sound exactly like the McDonalds drive-thru speaker but he did. He must have had a job there or something.

To make Steve feel better about getting sick on every ride, some people pretend to be sick after going 23 times consecutively on the tilt-a-whirl.



Dumb Bro said...

ROFL -- Funny pictures! I like your explanations :D

Thanks again for coming with us; it was really nice of you!

Anonymous said...




I wonder if I was aware that you were taking a picture. I don't remember.


Abbey said...

I was sticking out my tongue because of what the people in front of me were talking about. :P

Special Steve said...

dumb one, Thank you for funding the whole trip.

Becky, Beth actually took the picture while we were being entertained by the wonderful music.

Abbey, what were they talking about??

All in all, good times!