Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Go car, Go!

Steve had a project, the project was hard.
Steve did not like the hard project.
Steve did quit.
Go car, Go!
Can you see the car? Can you see the car in the car?
WOW! said Steve, Look at the car!
Will the car fit in the car?
Yes, yes it will.
Go car, go.

I was amazed that the guy that bought it showed up in a mini van.
It was a tight fit but we crammed it in there

Sad to see it go, glad to see it go.

Sorry for all that had to read the story. I only wish my name was Sam.


Abbey said...

Poor Steve-getting rid of all your projects. First the TA and now this. What is this world coming to? It's pretty impressive that it fit into that mini-van.

Farm Boy said...

Steve needs a new project! (Hint-hint...)

Abbey said...

So you're either saying that I need to find him a new project, you have a project you're trying to get Steve to do for you, or you're saying that Steve needs something to fill up his time with (like he doesn't have enough other stuff). :P

Roozer said...

WOW! That's an impressive fit!

At least it's gone :'(

Special Steve said...

LOL, yeah, I need some more projects.. New post?

As far as being a tight fit, yeah, it was scraping on both sides of the van. The back didn't shut and we had to take the seats off of the frame.

Beth said...

That's the only way to make a minivan cool -- stick a giant go-kart in it.

I do feel sorry for that upholstery though...or what's left of it.