Thursday, June 26, 2008

Redneck auto toilet flusher beta.

pertaining to the post on Ben's blog "Engineers are just plain weird"

Time involved:
  • (possible 2 hours to thoroughly clean toilet and lid)
  • 2 minutes to properly align duct tape with lid and handle
  • 1 minute to find leverage point

Materials needed:
  • roll of duct tape
  • toilet
  • toilet lid

if you can't see the video, please right click and click "save as" on the link below.
Auto Toilet Flusher


Bitter Beth said...

After saying "Did I just watch what I think I watched?", just look at the time this was posted and everything will become clear.

elephant said...

Nice, I should get one so I don't dirty myself on the handle.

Roozer said...

Oh, MAN! Now, that is cool!

Way to go, Steve!

Tyler Weaver said...

who needs electric motors and all that junk when you have duct tape.