Monday, February 9, 2009

Somewhere in South Dakota


Mr. Worm said...

Dude? Where's my side of beef? Like *duh!* You have-ta-bring it back to the hood, homie!

Dude? Like where's the jumping on bed video? Like... I'm waiting. Bro, you and I got some talkin' to do.

Oh, and 'case you all "big head" from yo cows, Seattle has pigs.

Mr. Worm said...

An dat last picture? Aww, man, dat's just sick.

Good thing yo momma didn't see you puttin' stuff like that all over the hood!

Sarcastic Sally said...

(And I'm not referring to the post.)

Steven said...

Yeah, I think the TV in his room has melted any brain cells that he might have had left. Poor Mr. Worm.