Wednesday, July 1, 2009


An International Cub 149 tractor. It has been sitting up at the shop for about 2 years. It also has been on my mind every time I go up there. Every time I saw it I instantly thought that it was going to be a huge job. Well, I brought it home yesterday, and with Joe's help I finally am almost finished. It's running and I hope to have the mowing deck in operation tomorrow. (The real reason Joe was helping(he's hoping to use it on the lawn))

I leave a little project in the shop of Tiffany plaza, and it builds in my mind how hard it is going to be to fix it. I look back on the last year, and how helpful it would have been to have done something with the tractor. I mean, it only took about 7 hours to fix... I spent more time thinking about how horrible it was going to be than I did fixing it.


Live and learn, right?


Jack Bauer said...

love the flames!

Mr. Grumpy said...

So, does it work?