Thursday, August 13, 2009

I think not

An email I received from Arapahoe College.
It is interesting how they won't think twice about sending an email like this to all their students, but they can't ask for prayer or mention Jesus without preparing for the consequences.


Need an additional class? Want to take an exciting course? Try Introduction to Atheism (PHI 275).

Introduction to Atheism (PHI 275) introduces the concept of atheism by studying definitions, history, the relationships between atheism and other areas of life, and finally introduces modern atheists and atheistic writings.

It will be a small class, so come and have some exciting debate and discussion concerning atheistic thought and atheism in general.

Introduction to Atheism will meet Thursday nights from 7-9:45. Ready to register? Log onto myACC (, call Admissions (303.797.5621) or visit Information Central.

Have questions about the course? Contact Mark Gowan at 303.797.5817 or

We look forward to seeing you!

Arapahoe Community College


Anonymous said...

What is that picture of?
I know that it is a monkey.

Steven said...

National Geographic

Steven said...

WEll, I guess in IE, you can't resize the window.... So, here's the link so you don't have to right click. :)

Anonymous said...

That's pretty Hilarius.

Mr. Senile said...

Eh, in my experience, I don't think it's that they "can't" I think they "don't want to."