Monday, April 7, 2008


I just finished my motorcycle training done by ABATE Colorado. (A Brotherhood Active Towards Education (Motorcycle Operator Safety Training (MOST)))
It was a 3 day program designed to allow the participant to learn how to ride their motorcycle safely on the street. Riding a motorcycle has more risk associated with it, but with proper training and skills, the risks diminish. The course was very well administrated. The two days of riding is physically straining, but the strain is all worth it.
I would highly suggest this class to anyone that wants to ride a motorcycle, but I would also suggest it to drivers. The reason I would suggest to drivers, is, now that I have taken the course I have seen an improvement in my driving skills and accident avoidance ability. I know, I can hear it now, "dude, any improvement would, at the most, bump you up to a bad driver"


Benjanerd said...

DUDE! Any improvement would, at the most, bump you up to a bad driver.

LOL -- J/K -- No, you're a really good driver.

Thanks, and welcome to the Motor 'Hood!

DUDE! You total awesomeness. DUDE! Like you gunna ride like my uncle! Like you get a little patch with a cross on it. Like, actually, I bet they'd love to have you come with them.

Benjanerd said...

BTW, there are a lot of people who read your blog -- people don't comment anymore, though :-)

Steven said...

And you know this because?

Tyler Weaver said...

i reed your blog... and i comment... but mostly i chat. :)