Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Dangerous Gun? In more ways than one.

I bought this gun a few years ago, thinking that it would be a good one for my mom or sister.
This gun has taught me a few good lessons.

1st. Guns are safest when pointed in a safe direction.
2st. Cheap guns are not worth buying.
3rd. Don't buy anything made in Mexico that shoots bullets.

It was a fine summer day at the shooting range.
We were testing out some new guns we had bought, and one of them was the Jimenez Arms .380.
I picked up the gun and loaded the magazine, upon putting the mag in, BANG!
Pieces of the gun when flying! I looked at the parts flying through the air, and I didn't even realize what had happened till minutes later. What had happened, was, upon putting the magazine in the gun, the slide slid forward and the firing pin struck the bullet because of a faulty spring and lock back mechanism. BANG! I never expected it. I didn't even see it coming.
Because of training and safety precautions, I did have the gun pointed down range. Thankfully, by the grace of God, the gun never had the chance to wound the user.

This gun is now out of service, and stands to remind me, guns are never safe, treat them accordingly.


Benjanerd said...

Man... Yeah :-)

Archie Says :) said...

Holy hell!! Cant you claim damages from the company or something?

Steven said...

The original manufacturer of the gun has gone out of business, since then the gun has been redesigned, and now is sold by a different company. I can't clam damages, because there technically wasn't any damage...