Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Thousands dead, more injured.

Ground zero reporter Bob Bee, warns that the repercussions of this unspeakable act are not fully felt yet. Some that were close to the blog know that its disappearance won't go unnoticed. Mr. Bee is an analyst with the "Boring Blogger Weekly" and he stresses that it's usually the first week that is the most dangerous time for bloggers that were close to the epicenter because the aftershocks can be deadly. Bilbo B. commented "I was shocked and horrified to find out that it was gone.. I mean, come on.. was I the only one that checked that thing 40 times a day?" Another effected was John E. J. he was very well spoken his first comment was " I mean, like dude, totally" he went on to say "Uncool, dude, uncool" and his parting words about the disappearance were "Hmm.. I guess it's really not here no more."

Keep tuned, We have a reporter on his way to the epicenter, and he should be able to break down the barricades by 4pm tomorrow.

God bless you all, and try to have a good night even with the tragedy that has taken place here.

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