Friday, July 11, 2008

Not Enough To Do

Now with projects winding down, I want to make sure I have too much to do over the next few months. I currently just finished a project that was started early this year! With Ben's help, I was able to get the custom micro controller he built working. Woo hoo! scratch one off the list!

I am about to get into a new project with my motorcycle, so I will have this month covered, but after that I'm going to be out of things to do! So, in light of this, I need a new project!

Here are my options:
  • Get in debt
  • Rock Collecting
  • Going to Every Theme Park in the US.
  • Become a Bum
  • Build a Glitter Factory
  • Become Rich and Famous creating a useless product
  • Go to work for the Government (see above) (sorry Ben)
  • Become a moocher and live in my parents basement till I'm 60

Suggestions anyone?


Jowy said...

Rock collection, definitely make a rock collection, that will help you so much in your pursuit of a happy life. Becoming a bum would also work well, OR get in debt by going to every theme park in the US, then because you have no money, become a bum and get a rock collection all in one blow!

Mr. Creep said...

Become a moocher -- the only option :P

Ok, ok... A bum is a close second.

And... Theme Park? YEAH, man! Yeah!

I KNOW! You could make a movie! :D

Deaf Beth said...

Aparently Joe and Ben are the only ones who care what you do.

I vote for the glitter factory. You can make glitter bombs and use them to force terrorists out of their hidey-holes. You will become a national hero.

Peter said...

all of the above