Friday, August 1, 2008

Blasted Canon

I just got my camera back from the canon "service" center, but I didn't ask for it to be returned. I had called the service center after receiving the bill for $120 and asked them why I was receiving a bill while my camera was under warranty and what the repair would entail. While on the phone I was notified that some small scratches were enough to void the warranty, and the dent that was in the front of the camera was more than enough to justify the charge. I decided to wait on the repair, and let them know that I'd hold on for a few days. I guess that "Hold on" means "Send it back"..

So, now I have a few options to try to fix it myself.

  1. Smash with hammer
  2. Bonk with a shoe
  3. Drop from 1 foot
  4. Drop from 2 feet
  5. Make a canon cake
  6. Drop from a latter
  7. Whap on desk
  8. Call Canon and yell at them
  9. Call Canon and plead with them
  10. Zing with a slingshot
  11. Cook in campfire
  12. Cry
I could take it to a repair place, but that costs money.
So, I think I could take a suggestion or two..


Jeorge said...

I would try your options in this order:

1. Call Canon and plead with them
2. Call Canon and yell at them
3. Bonk with a shoe
4. Whap on desk
5. Drop from 1 foot
6. Drop from 2 feet
7. Drop from a latter
8. Make a canon cake
9. Zing with a slingshot
10. Smash with hammer
11. Cook in campfire
12. Cry

sarah m said...

Ditch it and buy a Nikon SLR.

David said...

1. Bonk it with a shoe
2. Drop it twice from 2 feet
3. Zing with slingshot

If it still doesn't work...
4. Call Canon and yell at them
5. Make a canon cake
6. Cry

Tyler Weaver said...

do what we did when ours went out. go to somewhere that sells the camera you own and has multiple stores(sams) then swap out the camera and take back the broken one to a different location or at another time for a full refund.


Mr. Creep said...

Ugh... Glad it works now!

Jowy said...

Cry, definitely cry.