Monday, August 4, 2008

More Canon! Now with hacking!

Now that my camera is working, I figured that I better get all I can out of it, before it dies.
That being said, I started finding out how to hack my camera to get a little more out of it.
The really nice thing about this hack is that it's non destructive.
That means it doesn't touch the firmware on the camera.

I started looking for a total walk through, but I found this instead.
See Life hacker's canon hacking article

You don't have to use it, but I also found a good program that makes it easy to format and make the boot disk. The program which you can download here, is called "Card Tricks 134"

The main site for CHDK (the hacking firmware) can be found here:
"wiki dedicated to the CHDK firmware"

Firmware is here Canon firmware and if that one doesn't work try here Canon firmware

The how to videos are here:
Part one
Part two
Part three
Part four

Even though the camera isn't that high quality, the Raw mode really makes a difference.
The picture, though darker on the left is the Raw while the one on the right is the highest quality Jpeg.
Many more colors are noticeable in the one on the left than the one on the right


Anonymous said...

I did this on our a620. It's really fun! I like playing reversi. :-)

A Nut said...

I started playing reversi, but the computer was really beating me, so I quit and got angry.

Luke said...

I has been thinking about buying a consumer Canon just to run CHDK. Have you tried and of the high speed photography?

Tyler Weaver said...

I can't seam to figure it out... I don't know enough about how to use all these new fangled options... I'll bring it next time I see you.

Anonymous said...

I can beat reversi every time... :-)

Peter said...