Monday, August 4, 2008

Canon Crash!

My sister, being the genius she is, Googled "canon sd1000 lens error" and clicked on the first thing that came up. I didn't think that anything would be helpful, but she came across this site "My biggest complaint" The comments led us to believe that smacking the thing around was the way to go.. I began to softly tap it on my desk.
The soft tapping became hard tapping, and soon turned into thunking. Soon I had thrown all caution to the wind and was slamming the the thing on the desk with all my might!
Every so often I would fiddle with the lens, and try to turn it on. Suddenly the camera sprang to life! Slamming the thing right on the lens worked. So, there's a life lesson in this.. When something fails to work for you, beat it till it does.


David said...

Guess what happened last night?

Yep! Lens error. Restart Camera.

Of course that didn't work. I'm looking forward to trying this method when I get home. :D

Nathan's Blog said...

Are you really serious? I only thought that works on computers! :)

Tyler Weaver said...

lol... wow... that's odd that just a primitive response has been programed to fix the lens error.


A Nut said...

Yeah, I am really serious..
I only wish things went better for David..