Thursday, November 6, 2008

Imaginary friends!

We’ve all seen someone in a store. Someone talking to themselves:

“Hey, do you think we need this?” no? “Ok.”

Are these people crazy? No.

They have found the most fulfilling friendship ever possible, an imaginary one.

Many people need imaginary friends to keep them sane, and this is why I believe that everyone should have one.

A made up statistic from the internet, says that 47.3% of all people have imaginary friends. I was talking to my imaginary friend, Bob, and he was telling me that imaginary friends are a much needed part of today’s society.

How do I get an imaginary friend? Well, you just need to go looking.. I found mine when I was all alone at the park one day. Bob sat down next to me and began telling me all the things that I could be doing instead of talking to myself. You may find yours somewhere else, but I would suggest to find em before all the good ones are gone.

Reasons to have an imaginary friend

1. Wikipedia says, it has been theorized that children with imaginary companions may develop language skills and retain knowledge faster than children without them.

2. Never be alone!

3. Never have to answer a question without counsel

4. Make sure that you aren't crazy by asking your imaginary friend.

5. Practice for a Job interview

6. Live vicariously through the life of your imaginary friend

The problem today is that not enough people have imaginary friends, thus creating the problem! The opposition would like you to think that having an imaginary friend is stupid, or even worse, crazy. Government stats say, normal Life expectancy is 77.8 years. What they won’t tell you is that people that have imaginary friends usually live till they are much older!

Just visualize how much better the world would be if only everyone had an imaginary friend. People could get rid of their troublesome friends and just keep one. Your imaginary friend would always have the right words at the right time. Just remember that only you have the power to get your imaginary friend. Everyone needs friends, and if we all had imaginary ones life would be great!

Go, find your friends, they are waiting.


Jowy said...

No one cares about you anymore Steven. Just face it. You're going to have to stop posting like me.... :D

Abbey said...

LOL - great post!
We aren't ignoring you! We're just making use of our imaginary friends.

College Boy said...

LOL to both of your comments.
Joe, You need to post. because I feel saddened every time I go to your dead blog.. Yeah, I said it, DEAD BLOG!

Abbey, I'm glad you found the happiness of an imaginary friend.. Just remember, if your imaginary friend becomes abusive, you need to take action.

Nah, no one comments because it's not really worth it, it's too hard, and unless you really have something to say, most people won't.

College Boy said...

Huh.. I guess I really should have looked at my post in both firefox and IE... I didn't realize that there was a problem with my code! :S