Sunday, November 30, 2008

Black Friday Sales Stupidity

After going to the "Black Friday" sales for 9 years in a row, it has become a tradition.
My siblings and I, decided that this year it should be no different. We found that the deals were pretty good at Office Depot, and set up shop 14 hours before the doors opened. (to make sure we were in the front of the line) Tyler W. had come about a half a hour before us, and was playing games on his computer when we showed up.

Twelve hours to go, we stand poised and ready.

We found this shelter, and took it over.

Steve, gives the thumbs up, showing that it was safe and there were no bears in the tent.

Tyler, giving the thumbs up, shows us that the store will be opening in 11 hours!

Upon seeing this guy with shorts in 20 degree weather, we knew we weren't the craziest people out that night.

Maybe not...

Joe decides to take a nap with his eyes open.

Beth, demonstrates the look of a tired person better than Joe.

It's On sale? we must need it!

Ski goggles in the store; a necessity and very classy!

Video one: the night falls

Video Two: The Final Minutes


Tyler Weaver said...

nerd camping is fun!

Sarcastic Sally said...

Nerd Camping is fun when it's over.

Jack Bauer said...

I'm so glad i missed it! :D

Maybe next year when global warming takes affect and the night is around 70 then i might participate :P

Abbey said...

^Ahh! Good plan! Global warming is doing us good!

And I was enjoying my nice warm bed and my full ten hours of could life get much better?

College Boy said...

HA! Abb! you are missing out on the finer points of life! You need to realize that there is more to life than sleep... Just remember, live your life full blast, you can rest when you die!

Jack, Jack, Jack... I'm disappointed with you.. so much potential, so little spirit..

Tyler, Sally, You are both right on! Amen.

Mr. Worm said...

Looks... tiring. :-)