Sunday, November 23, 2008

Michael to the Rescue!

Knowing that I was in distress trying to create a funny cartoon, Michael from Heritage Photography and also known from a previous post, has come to the rescue!

From Idea, to completed product, Michael comes through in a big way.
Next we have the redesign with the necessary quotes. Michael found some good quotes from Ben's blog post about getting the most out of the rides at Elitches.
Finally, the finished product that I am able to steal and put my signature on.


Michael said...

lol - Your version is a lot better. Good job!

Abbey said...

Ahh, poor Ben. Getting teased, are we?... :P

Great comic. Are those pieces of body parts coming off or is it his sweat from being nervous?

Rachel said...

That's hilarious.

Mr. Worm said...

LOL -- I like it :-) How about "To everyone's delight, this was the last time Ben spoke."

College Boy said...

You're funny Ben!
Nah, you know that we all still need you.. if you were gone who else would we make fun of?