Monday, December 1, 2008

One Month Left!

It's official, we have reached December. This means that the year is coming to a close.
All that to say, AAAAAH!! we only have about 30 days left till next year.
With such little time left: forget the plans, hold the phone, let out the dog, and lock the door!
One thing must be done before next year that often gets overlooked. What is that thing?

Every year millions of people forgo the only true happiness that is only found through buying a few shares in Steve corp!

That's right! for a limited time only, you have the opportunity to purchase shares in the best company in the world! With gains of more than 1000000000 percent last quarter, we have the best company, and the most wonderful shares available for immediate purchase!
Sure, there are some out there that would suggest against this type of reckless investing, but hey! they aren't right all the time! You have the possibility of making more money than you ever dreamed of!

Just remember, money doesn't come free, you must invest before you can be super rich!


Jack Bauer said...

If i invest can i have some of those cool money sun glasses cause then i will be truly happy :D

College Boy said...

ANYTHING for my investors!

Luke said...

Are they penny stocks? That's all I have left...

Farm Boy said...

I'm putting everything I have into this one. BUY BUY BUY!!

Don't invest because of the return. Invest because of the reputation!

Sarcastic Sally said...

This post both confused and amazed me. That's not very hard to do, but good job anyway.

College Boy said...

Luke, you are a funny man! No way, these stocks are rated close to blue chip.. I'm sure of it. I think... er. um.. Just send me money.

Farm Boy has the right idea. Send the money first ask questions never.

Sally, You are quite sharp.. your icon picture says it all.

Mr. Worm said...

Where can I invest my vast riches... oh... I guess I bought a car. MAN!

Hehe, I might get to see it in another week :-)