Sunday, December 7, 2008

Stick With It!

Sorry the first is so small, you will have to click on it, to get the full effect. (if you want an effect, that is)

As always, suggestions, comments, hate mail, and money is always appreciated!


Jack Bauer said...

HAHAHA!!!! Brilliance!

I would give u money but i invested it all in Steve CORP INC...if i had any left i would donate!

Mr. Worm said...

Man, That was really funny.

I actually did laugh out loud!

Peter said...

HAHAHA!! very nice and imaginative.

Sorry I have recently invested in the stock market so I don't have any money either.

College Boy said...

Jack, sorry about that Steve corp thing.. Um.. yeah.. it would have been nice if the government bailed me out.. ;)

Ben, Did you only laugh because you've been able to sleep a total of 5 hours this week?

Peter, sorry about your loss too. I say we go and rob from the rich and give to ourselves. I heard it said once somewhere, and I believe with a little work we could make it work. :)

Mr. Worm said...


It's like... GONE! :'(

Sarcastic Sally said...

It's coming...
(Stupid Blogger)

Comic Rating Agency said...

First comic rated PG-13 for humor and references to theories that some theorists cannot accept.

Second comic rated PG for lameness and slight references to violence.

The check is in the mail.

Anonymous said...

I love the first one. :-)