Sunday, December 14, 2008

Stick With It!

As always input is always appreciated: comments, suggestions, and hate mail.


Sarcastic Sally said...

Hmm...still no comments, suggestions, or hate mail.

How about some death threats?

Jack Bauer said...

Nah i don't like doing death threats...but how time it better be funnier instead of just groans...or i'll torture u till u start drawing then i'll break down and cry cause it's so beautiful :P

College Boy said...

Hey, Jack!
Have you ever had someone come up to you and say "be funny?" Not only is it not easy, it's downright hard.
So, unless you start writing my jokes, you better not say anything but "GREAT JOB" or "I was laughing so hard it hurt."


Ok, ok.. Fine. I'm sorry. I get spurts of funny jokes and funny stuff. I usually come up with my best stuff after staying up for 2 days listening to the beating of a mallet on some type of metal object.

Jack Bauer said...

LOL....I was just joking....but u probably already knew that...

The first one was pretty funny...The second one was there just to make the first one funnier :P

Anonymous said...

You are probibly a dumb redneck hillbilly that stbumles around in the forest shooting defenseless animals. Would be interesting to see if you would enjoy this "sport" if the deer shot back. And it is probibly a family thing too. I can see it probably have lost more relatives to deer season accidents then most families lose to cancer... You get your high by killing a defenseless animal..Makes you feel like a tough guy with that 7mm rifle and a high power scope. Yeah yeah I know your type..

Its insulting to the defenesless animals that you would even joke about killing them. I realize that we are over populated by the deer, but I actually feed a momma deer and her two babies. They walk right up to me and I feed them out of my hand. I could never imagine killing them or eating them. I talk to them every morning as well.

Thank you for bring such a horrible picture to my mind and runing my day. Choose a better topic for your "comics" you morbid animal killer. Like you are something. Yeah, just go join the bunch of idiots who think they accomplish something by blowing an animal to smithereens with a high powered assault rifle. What a joke!


College Boy said...

Wow! I'm sorry that my joke ruined your day. Remember though, it was your choice to read it.

Unfortunately your assessment of my family and I is quite incorrect. Neither my family nor I have ever gone hunting. (extended family included)

Although I see your point, I don't see a problem with hunting. Every hunter that I know or have met is very respectful of wildlife and animals. I do not respect hunters that ruthlessly kill everything that enters their path.

It sounds as though you have some very friendly deer! Wild deer that approach people are very dangerous. I would suggest not trying to feed them, Hollywood's presentation of wildlife is often very wrong, because wild animals do kill people. (that includes deer)

I'm sorry that you see hunting as such an evil thing. Being an American it can be very easy to expect everything to be catered to us. Often Americans forget that without someone preparing food for us, we would have to do it ourselves.

I understand if you believe that eating meat is wrong, but I do not. It would be very rude of me to try to force my way of thinking on you, just as it is of you to do the same.


College Boy said...

Forgot to add, Thanks for the comment!

DarWin said...

@Anonymous (coward who won't say who he/she/it is - I really doubt Randy is your real name. You're probably just an alien here to remove substance from people's brains.):

Go hug a tree. You're wasting electricity just typing this silly stuff. It's a comic. A joke. You might have a point if he posted the picture of him last season actually chasing the deer down with a pair of pants and a bow tie, but he just posted a comical rendering instead.

If deer had bothered to put time and resources into making weaponry to have this fair fight you speak of, then they could have it. But they didn't. Why should I handicap myself because the other species was too lazy?

Oh, and my uncle goes out every season and kills Bambie's mom. And dad. And Bambie's strange uncle that's always hovering at the edge of the clearing with a sort of mental/psychotic/rabid look on his face. He always creeps me out.

Btw, this is a joke. Other than the part about my uncle loving hunting. I like animals too, but I would hunt if I had a need or reason to. Nothing like have my uncle hand deliver a cooler of dry ice and venison.

Jack Bauer said...

@Randy...ROFL...I'll repeat what DarWin said...GO HUG A TREE!!!!!

Steve does not hunt...but I do...and I love every minute of it! I bet you enjoy smoking canibus and running around in Boulder naked. Probably more of your family members are in jail because they killed an actually human being when high on dope!!!

Have a wonderful CHRISTMAS!!!!

Mr. Worm said...


Question for you, Steve... A lot of people take your position of "not forcing your opinions on others." Is there ever a time you should "force your opinion?"

College Boy said...

Mr. Worm, Oh absolutely there are times that "opinions" must be forced; however, a blog is not the place to "force" a personal belief on someone.

Jack and Darwin..
LOL, you guys are really mean!
I mean, yeah, I totally agree with you guys, but hey, sometimes some tact is useful. :)

Jowy said...

Are you sure it just wasn't a death threat?

Mr. Worm said...

I'm forcing my personal belief on you that I agree.

LOL -- Sorry, just teasing :-D

Yeah, I agree with you.

Sarcastic Sally said...

ROFL at all the responses to what I"m assuming was a joke...

"I bet you enjoy smoking canibus and running around in Boulder naked."

That be poetry right there. Brilliant, Ryan.