Tuesday, March 10, 2009

More Garbage!

Yet another reason why men die young.

Well, I guess we don't have to worry
about being naughty or nice this year.

Another reason not to drink

What in the world?

Somethin' is wrong.

The front of Mr. Cool ICE

Cities really need money


Mr. Worm said...

KODOL! I love them!

MEH! I was trying to get to santa! HOW DID HE BEAT ME!

Out here, you might have to give a 3-year-old a ticket :-)

Sarcastic Sally said...


Nathan's Blog said...

I love the one "Another reason not to drink"!

Mr. Worm said...

Yeah, it's amazing how many people try to immitate me when they're drunk.

jerrycaspar said...

LOL those are awesome....you know maybe jacking up a truck with 2/4 s are a great after all...I mean if you die you go to heaven- if not you save money... let me think about it.

Steven said...

Good point!