Tuesday, March 17, 2009

More Sniglets

Wrecktified (wreck’ tiff fied) n. A room that has a messy quality.

Numified (Numb’ a fied) a. The state one becomes once they have listened to Steve too long.

Poppage (Pop’ edge) 1. N. Referring to can of soda 2. V. Referring to a request to open the trunk of a car.

Speeling (S Peal’ ing) n. the act of peeling a word apart, removing the letters that aren’t necessary or duplicated. (ex. The word “Mississippi” can be written as “misp” because all duplicate letters are removed.)

Lexecon (lĕks ee-kŏn') n. a fake word to confuse a reader.

Florbiting (Floor' bit ting) n. Gurgling and flipping of the stomach. (Example: “Ech. I don’t feel well, my stomach is florbiting”)

Flob (Flô’b) n. Excessive garbage, Corpulence, or just all around junk.

Incendopatellatersumination (it’s up to you to pronounce it) n. the act of putting someone into the dishwasher

(Example “If I ever see you again, I will Incendopatellatersuminate you!”)

Special thanks to Tim J. for his word “flob” and Michael M. for “Incendopatellatersumination”


Michael said...

Incedopatellatersuminate (In Send-owe pat-ella ter-sum-in-ate). There you have it

Dumbo said...

Decap - n. "Coffee drunk without a lid."

Steven said...

OOH! I've had that kind!