Thursday, March 5, 2009

That's interesting... AND MORE!

Busy, busy, busy!
I guess I've collected some interesting pictures, and here they are!
This is the reason I try not to blog late at night.

Just because you are thinking big, doesn't mean you are thinking right.

Really bad picture timing.

Sometimes it better to leave the closeups to the professionals.

What was he thinking?
I mean, yeah, those are some sweet tats, but really?

Our soldiers perfecting their skills of blending in.

EVERYONE needs a pair of these..

Perhaps, somehow it feels like an escalator.

chick fil a

A totally amped up store.

A bully in training...
"make fun of my pink socks, will you..."

At just under 2 pounds, these puppies were a must have of the 80's
And to answer all the questions, yes, having one of these made you cool.

As if the tiger suit wasn't fun enough.

Probably best to finish the instruction manual before takeoff.

The only problem with driving on a frozen lake.

Doesn't wake boarding look fun!?

Never worry about getting bothered while you sleep again..
Unless it's hunting season.

You don't have to be big to be noticed, just mean.

Now, here are some words that can be added to your vocabulary

Smakoojerdood (Sma Koo' Jar Dude) nound. The state of being indeeded astonishded

Nound (Now nd') n. The word that means much the same thing as a noun, but much more powerful

Indeeded (In deed' ed) v. The act of receiving a deed or action. (example: Bob was indeeded the astonishdedment of Tom's action)

Astonishded (ə-stŏn'ĭsh-mən ed) n. The state of being more marveling than previously.


Mr. Worm said...

KODOL! Man, I loved those pictures... The words were funny, too, thanks!

I really like those boots... Must get some to make a fashion statement.

Mr. Worm Jr. said...

Kodol - n. "An expression of great excitement at a particular picture, phrase, etc."