Friday, September 4, 2009

A little perspective...

I was searching a while back for some info about the actual size of money, I wanted to know how many dollar bills would fit inside a semi truck, and I ran into an anti former president Bush website. It's called "Eighty seven billion" and it gives some perspective on how big the piles of money that our former president spent for different things...

The site talks about the different things that the government's money (our money) was spent on. Don't get me wrong here, I totally believe that there was quite a bit of waste, and I'm sure that there was plenty of indiscretion how the money was spent; however, I would like to compare that to the current spending plans of our new President.

Bush took us down the debt hole about 3000 billion.. (yeah, 3000 billion.. or 3 trillion dollars)
Yeah, it's not good, but compared to our new (relatively new anyway) president and his current plan, it's bean sprouts... or something comparatively small.

President Obama's projected plan is around 10000 billion dollars, yes that's right, for the next four years. 10 trillion dollars versus what Bush spent. While Bush spent a lot.. about 1.5 trillion per term I think it's a little less than President Obama...

Man, Bush was really plowing our country under.. that's really reckless spending!
[can you see the sarcasm?]

Perspective is a good thing to have, but only if you are able to ignore fact. Otherwise it's just plain scary.

315 billion doesn't look so big anymore, now does it? Perspective?
315 billion dollars is only 1/31th of the President's current prospective spending.

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Rachel said...

oh, wow. That's scary.