Sunday, September 27, 2009

Stick With It!

It always does.


Just because the English language is so easy to master, I figured I better add some more words.

Impatientapsalot n. (ĭm-pā'shən tăp sa lŏt) “Someone that is tapping the finger / foot / toe / anything while waiting for something to happen.”

μtilation a. (mu’ tul ā'shən) “The act of using the mu table too quickly in statistics class and therefore causing a rift in a grade.”

Preemptivelaughulation. a. (prē-ĕmp'tĭv lăf u lā'shən) “The act of laughing too quickly at a story that turns out to be serious.”

Enclosedcubicadweller n. (ĕn-klōzkyū'bĭ-kə dwĕler) “A person that avoids human contact at all cost.”

Stylelackalation n. (stīllăk lā shən) “A brand new a car that looks like it’s already been in an accident.”

Sibfightlingtophandtover v. (sĭb fīt lĭng tŏp hănd ĭt ō'vər) “Two siblings fighting over an item, however, one has a large advantage over the other.”

And last but not least:
Epitomupid n. (ĭ-pĭt' o mu pĭd) “The representative or perfect example of a stupid person, place, or thing” -Contributed by: Sarah and or Michael M.


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ps- stop posting so late and mabe youll get better test scores...

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Very nice!!