Sunday, September 20, 2009

Stick With It!

"A week away keeps people sane"
--Some Famous Dr.

Just when you thought it was dead!
Stick With It!

A new look on an old cartoon

School has been pretty busy, however, I just couldn't stay away!
I'm going to try to keep some good stuff coming!
I've drawn a bunch of cartoons up, and hopefully they will be as cool as these.


0.o said...

don't shake a baby!!!!!

sarah m said...

Epitomupid? Whatever came of that?

Steven said...

it is in process... it will be allocated 6 processor cycles

Steven said...

I can't, however, tell you when the processor will be available.

Anonymous said...

Those are great!! :)

Michael said...

You should start a mid-week cartoon called "¡tI thiW kcitS"

Michael said...

Correction: "¡tI htiW kcitS"

Rachel said...

Nice! :)