Monday, March 31, 2008

Car Shelves

I finally built some shelves for my diecast cars.
I am out of space, and now need to build more.

As you can see in this picture, there is a picture of a cat in the window.
This is to show my sensitive side, and show how animal friendly I am.
What people don't know, is that, the picture was there when we moved in.

Pictured here, behind the monitor, is the spider wall. And yes, these pictures were taken a while ago.

The angle of the cars helps in making them look more expensive. the peeling paint gives my room the desired "rustic" look.


Farm Boy said...

Despite that fact that all cats are evil, the picture is nice. Also, I do like the rustic look. Keep up the good designs. I suggest you start a high-class bedroom improvement video show on your blog. It would add some much-needed educational qualities and teach all of your readers so much about making their bedrooms worth living in.

Benjanerd said...


Yeah, those are old pictures -- clear back with your absolutely tiny LCD monitor... :-)

Still, you wanna trade? :P

Steven said...

hmm.. I like the 22s. I like them too much.. but it's just because they warm my cold basement room.