Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Here you go!
Here be the pictures of the super fun roofing job.

My Brother takes a big swig of sawdust pop.

Mold! and rotten boards

An area like the one Dave fell through.
After bringing up all the rolls of roofing, Dave remarks, "we haven't even started".

Here Joe ponders jumping into the "fluffy yellow stuff" HOLE! (where a skylight was)

All patched up!

Now I know why roofers make so much.

That is one tough job!

Just hours before the snow started to fall on Saturday night, we finish the tar paper.

COLD~! and dark.

DONE! Yes, it's ugly. It'll keep the water out now.

Job well done.. er.. Job complete.


Benjanerd said...

Wow! That's a lot of work!

Thanks for the pictures! I bet you're so glad to have that over with :-)

Benjanerd said...

Great captions, BTW, too :-)

Nathan's Blog said...

I agree. Job well done, well, just doesn't fit.