Monday, March 3, 2008

Spider Wall

Well, I figured I'd make this public knowledge.
On my basement wall, I have a square foot of space, I smash spiders and other bugs on. (complete with dates) I don't know if I should put a frame around it yet, but I am open for suggestion.


Abbey said...

I've always heard about the famous wall... Just cut out the square foot and frame that. No one cares about a hole in your wall, right?

Bungalow Ben said...

So artistic! So zen!

Steven said...

Thank you, Thank you..

I don't know about cutting the wall out.. I think my dad would notice a hole in the 10" basement foundation wall..

I figured I should clarify, I will only smash (and leave the insect on the wall) if they have arrived there on their own.
In other words, I don't bring random bugs to the area and squish them there.

Terena said...

Keep up the good work.