Thursday, February 28, 2008

Hard facts of watercooling

$150.. Was it worth it? Yes.

The amount of cooling that I am getting now is more than double of what I was getting with air.

The computer is now silent... I do mean silent. The loudest thing you hear is the clicking of the hard drives. It was a fun experience, and I now I know how to do it. Totally worth it.

Pump DD-CPX1 12V Water Pump $45 Microcenter
Water tank MCRes-Micro Small Form Factor Hi-Flow Acrylic Reservoir $20
Fan control unit (I’ve taken it back) $20
CPU water block MCW30 Universal Chipset Water-block $26
Tubing (uv sensitive) ½ I.D. ¾ O.D. $20
GPU Water block MCW60 Extreme Duty Universal VGA Water Block $40
Radiator from Oldsmobile $50
120mm Fan $10

Total price: $231 (Because I had the heater core, one of the fans, and took the fan control unit back, my out of pocket expense was around $150)

The way I should have done it.
Cheap kit off of ebay $90
Super flex hose 10’ $20
Total $110
And If I wanted to get crazy, then put in a new radiator $40
Total $150


Bungalow Ben said...

Dude! That's like totally awesome. Like totally. Like totally, man. Like dude, like totally. Like I totally got to get one. Like totally. Like it's totally way cool. Well, at least I can add. Like totally.

Bungalow Ben said...

BTW, is the "super flex hose" just thin-walled tubing? If so, does it kink easily?

Bungalow Ben said...

(BTW, everyone, I dogmatically told him not to go with water cooling. He didn't listen. See? He should have. Then he could still be enjoying the jet-engine.)

Steven said...
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Steven said...

The super flex hose is some sort of silicone..Microcenter Tubing

Jeorge said...

Wow dude man. That's totally cool. Immensely moo. If I had a computer to do it to I'd try it.


I wonder if Computronix would like me to install a cooling system on my machine there...

Anonymous said...
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Steven said...

Jeorge, I think you should just do it without permission.. Afterwards while you were getting yelled at, you could say "I was trying to cool our back room down" I know the heat issue is mostly from your inspiration, but 90 degrees in the winter is a little much.