Saturday, February 16, 2008

A bad day at the movies

Why was she there?
Why not.

How did she get in?
I think she probably got in while the security guard was taking a break.

What happened?
Some say it was the movies, some say it was the popcorn, but I say it was the lack of good content in the movie “blood grudge 2” that was previously seen.


Beth said...

Oh come on! Blood Grudge 2 was fantastic! All that blood...and...the grudge...

This was taken prior to the movie, and it was National Treasure 2 not "blood grudge 2." It was caused by boredom from waiting for those who drank too much Starbucks.

Bungalow Ben said...

Hey, who's idea was Fivebucks, anyway, BETH!

Abbey said...

Yeah, Beth. Was it our idea? Nope. :D

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't have even suggested it, seeing that it would have doomed me to an addiction since that was the second time we had gone with you. I didn't suggest it either time, I might add. :D


Steven said...

I have been to fivebucks 3 times this year.. I plan to go 5 times total. for a total of $5832.34

Things just happen when you have a credit card.

Beth said...

Yup, I suggested Five(thousand-eight-hundred-thirty-two-point-thirty-four)Bucks, and I'm glad I did. It was deeelicious. (You're welcome, Beck, for making you officially addicted. Hey Abs...wanna meet me at Bowles and Wadsworth...I have something for you. Mwhahahaha!)

Unfortunately, I should have followed everybody else's example instead of taking a nap. I paid for it by being quite "full" during the movie, but I didn't want to get up and miss anything. Especially during that giant golden teeter totter part. Yeah...I had no idea what was going to happen to Nicholas Cage during that...being the main character and all...

Maybe one of these days I should act normal in public, then I wouldn't be in this kind of situation. Griefness! (It's like "Goodness!"...but different.)

Wow, that was unneccessarrillyy long.