Monday, February 11, 2008

πρωτη, первая, 第一, Eerste, Première, 初めて (First)

I Just noticed that I really need a reason for starting a blog. Well, the truth of the matter is that I was forced into it, by some almost nameless people. Ben and Beth YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE.

First Post.
I don’t plan on making this a ranting blog, but I don’t know where else to turn my frustration.
Here goes.
I began my day cheerfully and happily. I had some errands to go on, as I approached my truck I noticed a nice yellow envelope on the windshield. The officer informed me that I had expired license plates and a missing front plate. I was hoping for a warning, but I don’t think the police man was having a very good day. He had given me 2 tickets. #1. Expired License Plates. #2. Missing Front Plate. I took my tickets, and decided that I would just go and make it right, right away. I headed down to the Vehicle Infractions Bureau, and promptly was told, that no matter the reason, I had no excuse for what I did, so I paid the tickets. I thought that I should have received something in the mail that told me to renew my plates, so I proceeded down to the DMV (department of motor vehicles). I explained my situation, and they informed me that there was no record of my license plates, VIN (vehicle identification number), or the truck in their computer. I produced my registration, and to their surprise, yes indeed, the car was previously registered in Colorado. So, they started looking around and found that the VIN was transferred to Wyoming, and that I would need to get a title search in that state, to prove that I didn’t try to re-register my truck there. So, that’s where I stand. I’m so frustrated but what can I do? I suppose that I could try going to the DMV and yelling till I turn blue, but I don’t know if I want to have an arrest on my record forever.. YEAH! I love the DMV! (yes, I’m being sarcastic) I have spent almost 5 hours working this problem out, but I don’t see it coming to a close anytime soon.
There are, however, some positives to this situation!
#1. I now know that the DMV doesn’t have to send you anything to remind you to renew your registration.
#2. NEVER pay your tickets too quickly.
#3. I will now have another license plate for my “Wall of License Plates” (cars I have owned)
#4. I know that I shouldn’t own a car.. (Much less 3)
#5. God is always in control.


Bungalow Ben said...

I LOVE it :-) Great first post! See? That's the kind of stuff that's fun to read.

Steven said...

Fun for you, not for me.

Nathan's Blog said...

Ouch, that's gotta hurt! But I must agree, I love the DMV! (no rhyme intended.)

Abbey said...
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Jack Bauer said... why again shouldn't u pay your tickets to early?

and to think i could have called the cops on u and u would have gotten arrested...why don't u tell me these things? ;)

keep up de good work!!


Abbey said...

I bet you don't have a wall of low license plate numbers! Thanks to Grandpa, we're now the proud inheritors of all his...

I'll blame Ben and Beth for the shame they have brought on you by forcing you to start a blog.

David said...

Yeah Steve!!!!!

Steve the Blogger. I like it.

Steven said...

You shouldn't pay your tickets too quickly, because, if I hadn't paid, the tickets would have been null. Since the license plates are invalid, so were the tickets.
Yeah, I know.. Smooth move.

Steven said...

LOL to Abbey.
Yeah, you are right, it's all their fault. ALL THEIR FAULT!

Anonymous said...

You know, I'm the only one in our little group that doesn't have a blog. And no, I'm not going to get one. Actually, I doubt I would ever get around to it. About the only things I get around to doing are wasting time, writing once in a while (only when it counts for school), and well, I can't think of anything I do on a regular basis, except school. But of course, that's why I wouldn't have time to start a blog. So don't even try to tempt me.


Steven said...

Becky, just think how COOL you'd be if you had a blog. You're getting sleepy, at the count of three you will wake and create a blog... 1....2....3...

Anonymous said...