Thursday, February 28, 2008


I bit the bullet, and built my watercooled system for my PC.

I used a heater core from my oldsmobile for the radiator.

Clean room no more!

Pressure testing the GPU waterblock

GPU installed, and ready for a trial run

Installing the water tank to purge the air from the system

Installing the CPU waterblock (look at all that wonderful thermal paste!(don't eat the paste))

Routing the tubes

Up and running

Previous to the installation, the normal temp was around 60C!

No, that's not the final resting place for the radiator, but for now it works.

More info to come.. I'm tired.


Bungalow Ben said...


How does it work? Does it run cooler?

Is that really the heater core from your Oldsmobile?

Farm Boy said...

Yeah... the picture is too small and I can't read your screenshot. How much cooler is the temperature? In any case, it looks super cool with all of the tubes and masking tape. Who needs a Mac when you can get one of those?

Ben said...

Why waste your time if you can just buy a mac?? Although it does look cool...

Steven said...

The idle heat is 14C and the heat at 99% is 20-25C.

Like I said before, the masking tape is NOT permanent. I'm making an aluminum housing that will hold it up, and look way cooler than any Mac. (ok, ok.. that was facetious, But, it should look pretty)

Yeah, I used up my Mac fund doing this project.. I'll have to have my business buy it. $2k here I come... Or, I could wait, or perhaps just use Linux and put up with the bad graphics.

Steven said...

Oh, and Ben.
Yes. The heater core is from the Oldsmobile.