Tuesday, February 12, 2008

On a lighter note

Did anyone hear about the RTD and train wreck last year?
Here are some pictures, just in case you missed it.

These two observers are in complete shock, upon seeing that they would be denied access to the
"cool areas"

As you can clearly see here, this picture is obviously proof that aliens exist.

" BILL!!! I told you not to put the quarter on the tracks"

This is a picture of a man that just parachuted into the construction zone, avoiding the security and the caution tape.

This picture, I think, accentuates the lovely shape of the twigs, twisting jaggedly, this way and that.


Bungalow Ben said...

ROFL! Those are some pretty cool pictures! Way to go, Steve!

Abbey said...


Anonymous said...

Yah, who says aliens don't exist? Just look around!
Man, what is the policeman thinking? You know, if they let people crawl over the wreck and take things, they wouldn't have to clean as much up...