Monday, February 25, 2008

Rant 2

Ok, is it just me, or has Microsoft just given up? I was reading one of my PC magazines, and about 8% of the magazine devoted to Macintosh and Linux. Normally PC magazine would be almost completely devoted to Windows based computers. (With the occasional Linux blurb thrown in) I was reading in the magazine, how Mac does this and Linux does that. If I wanted to find out what Mac does, I would have subscribed to Mac Magazine. Are the Windows magazines totally out of good stuff, so that there’s nothing better to put in there than “How to setup a Linux computer”?

Now, for those who don’t know, PC doesn’t mean “Politically Correct”, it means Personal Computer. Correct me if I’m wrong, but almost nothing Microsoft does is for personal use anymore. They have almost totally focused in on the business side, and forgot me, the little dude. Does Microsoft’s new operating system do so little, that an alternative is needed? I am starting to lean that way. I just wonder if people are so fed up with the giant software company that they would be willing to switch to Linux or Mac. I have been using Windows Vista for about 6 months, and I don’t like it much. It is slow, it’s no less susceptible to viruses and spyware than XP was, so here’s the question, what does Microsoft offer to me? Well, on the business side they are giving out all kinds of free software and help. For all the gamers out there, Windows is still the most popular OS (operating system) for gaming. However, for day to day use, Why Windows? I’m not sure I can answer that anymore.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, why use Windows? (Except for games of course.)
You ought to try Linux. gives Linux alternatives to every Windows programs you can think of. If it's not there, you may actually be able to run your Windows program on Linux using a compatibility layer called Wine.
Try it. You can download a livecd of Ubuntu and you run it from the cd without ever installing it so you can see if you like it or not.

Farm Boy said...

If you ask me, this calls for the purchase of an iMac or Mac Book Pro. Go ahead, Steve. You can do it!

Steven said...

Yeah, I can do it, but my bank account can't. I have partitioned my laptop for ubuntu, XP, and Vista. I run XP the most. I use GAG the graphic boot manager to switch between the 3.

I like ubuntu, but, the graphics are just sooo slow. Maybe it's time to actually learn Linux.. yikes.

Tyler Weaver said...

wine... you have to be kidding me... i couldn't even get "old" "slow" games to work well in it... let alown something that needs power to run like COD, new NFS games, etc.

oh and btw i'm not going to pay for a new version of wine when it doesn't work as well as windows just for the fact that those programs were writent for windows.

other than that... i could never get linux the way i liked it... always installing... somehow windows just works, well sortof.

Bungalow Ben said...

Linux ++
Windows --

Bungalow Ben said...

Why does it take one of the richest companies in the world over 4 years to develop the worst OS in the world?

Jack Bauer said...

good question, why does it take one of the best countries in the world to elect some of the worst candidates for president?

Steven said...

Boy, these are some good questions.

Tyler, I have to agree with you. Vista can’t run old games, and unless you have a beefy system, you can’t run new games either. Linux is great if you can figure out the kernel, and all the little quarks and blarks it has.

Ben, Good question. I would take that up with the big man that controls everything…. who did you think I meant? Bill Gates?

Jack, Also a good question.
I think that to answer the question fully, I would need an average public school student, a monkey, and Bill Clinton.

Joe H. The telemarketer stick said...

I think that windows just gets picked on the most because everyone uses it. It runs pretty much everything, but because it runs everything it can only run it so well.

I.D.K., my b.f.f. Bill