Wednesday, February 27, 2008


It seems that I agree to more and more without reading what I’m agreeing to.
Case in point, EULA’s (End User License Agreement)
I just updated some software, and had to agree with a EULA before the update would complete. The agreement was over 15 pages long, and I didn’t feel like reading a novel, so I just clicked “OK”.What did I agree to? I don’t really care… but should I? It’s quite interesting that you don’t have to agree to the EULA to purchase the software, but you have to agree once you try to use it. Shouldn’t you have to agree to the EULA before you purchase the software? Here’s my problem with the way it works right now. If you decide you don’t agree with the EULA, most stores won’t allow you to return opened software. I wonder if the EULA even holds water in court. Most people aren’t going to read anything they don’t have to. I usually read the agreements that I sign, but I almost never read EULA’s.. It’s just so easy to click. “Do you agree to ……bla ….bla… bla……..?” Um…. Sure? Ok. NEXT!
I found this story on the subject quite interesting. Find it here.

If you can’t get to the site, in summation, it says, READ THE EULA!


Bungalow Ben said...

ROFL -- I've heard that it doesn't hold any water in court because there's no way to prove you were the one who clicked "Yes." Who knows if that's correct. :-)

Anonymous said...
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