Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Kermit Sighting

This morning I opened up the freezer, to find Kermit sitting there looking at me, with his half frozen glazed eyes. He jumped out so quickly that no one saw where he went!

The oddest thing happened next, for the next forty five minutes, Kermit sat at the piano playing and singing hymns.

After a beautifully sung rendition of "Great is thy faithfulness" Kermit dashed down the hall to Beth's room! Inside I found him saying something to the cat. It didn't look like she liked what she heard.
He began running for the door, all the while, screaming "I pay my taxes!"
As he was yelling he grabbed the camera and flung it to the ground.. It was quite incredible.


sarah m said...

I thought your camera was broken. Hehe.

Bungalow Ben said...

ROFL -- That's pretty good! Love the pictures :-) Is this the new camera? If so, total sweetness! (Total sweetness anyway, but even cooler if camera.age < old.)

Like you'll never guess said...

Sad sight -- a freezer without ice cream.

Steven said...

LOL, yeah.. no, these pictures are all taken with my video camera. (the photo shot setting)

I doubt that an icecream-less freezer is a rare sight anymore.

Abbey said...

Wow, take it you were bored? Or have asleep? :D

Steven said...

Let's just say. I didn't have enough to do, and I thought I needed a blog post.