Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Tree Trimming!

My dad was able to use the company's rented lift, so we cut down part of a tree that was above our roof. (and a little more)

Standing on a platform 40 feet from the ground with the wind gusting around 30mph and up.
(apparently not the most brilliant idea, but not the worst either)

Almost all the way extended (75ft.)
Here Beth stood on the roof and took a picture.

"Look Ma! No hands" (yes, I can hear the hecklers now.. "your arm is touching")

ERRRREARUAMMMMM! Go the chainsaws!

Plenty of sticks. time for a good BONFIRE!

"This one?" "Go?" "OK!"

COMING DOWN! Watch your head! (sorry Dad)

"This is HEAVY.. I'm tired.. Can we go home yet?"......"Oh. we are home."


Farm Boy said...

Wow. That looks like fun!

Bungalow Ben said...

Oooh! TOO FUN! I wish I could have helped. It would have been so much fun!

Bungalow Ben said...

Nice chainsaw, BTW :-)

Abbey said...

In the middle of the night? lol Bet that caused a stir...

Steven said...

Well, when your neighbors get in 1-2 domestic disputes per year, nobody really cares what we do as long as the Cops don't show. (I may be stretching the truth just a little bit) and we were done by 9.. so.. yeah..

The work was not fun. The lift was fun, not the work. I actually don't think I'll work on a lift in high winds again either. The chainsaws are super cool. One of them is electric.

Jack Bauer said...

Wow that brings back memories of tree cutting...

Long days and really sweaty and sticky when we finally finished...and the saw chips(its not dust) finds its where every where and it itches x-/

Jack Bauer said...

So, did you guys cut the tree down to a stump or did you just trim it?

Steven said...

yeah.. my head is still itching.. or maybe that's the fleas..
We ended up just trimming it.. for now.
I really wanted to just hack it at the bottom and let it fall..

that would have been a mistake, though, because the thing is about 60' tall.. If it fell over it would have come close to smashing our neighbor's house.